Thursday, October 1, 2009

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I have attempted many times over the last year to ressurect this wee site.

I write the haikus, that's no problem. It's the making of the pictures, the scanning, saving, colouring, resizing, positioning, uploading, writing HTML...I mean it's not like that's all HARD, it's just not FUN, and I am lazy at heart.

Which is why I write haikus, the shortest poems ever, and not Odes to Josephine and Other Fine Ladies of Moral Repute (fyi any people out there who write odes - that is an ode that is just begging to be written).

So, lets look at the facts. I am lazy, and want to post short things. I guess you can see where this is going - I am moving to Twitter for some text-only action.

If you would like to follow me that would be nice, if you don't, then that is fine too and I am sure we can still remain friends.


Vanessa Hahn said...

I'm following you on Twitter. I have always followed your blog -- hoping you'd start posting again. I'm glad to follow you on Twitter. :)


Adelle said...

I am very sad.
Your haikus are great.
I write some myself.

Terrie said...

Bring back the haikus!

Anonymous said...

please write more! i've just stumbled upon your haikus for the first time, and i would love to see new ones on a regular basis. please!! :)