Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Post #9

Ooh la la, right guys?

We have gone from a poorly-coded-webpage to a still-poorly-coded-but-now-it-has-cool-stuff-webpage.

Cool stuff like comments (which you can leave even if you don't have a blogger account), email-this-page option (delicious promotion) and tags (so you can just look at the haikus involving celebrities if you want).

Progress is swift, try to keep up.

...Maybe not swift, as it has been a month since I updated the site. Perhaps just swift-like, swift-y, swift-onic.

I am still working on some things, but for now, you will find all of the old haikus and blogs in this one handy location.


Anonymous said...

Where did this post come from? God?

Kate said...

What's that gun doing there?
It's not a gun. It's a camera.
It's a gun.
It's a camera that looks like a gun.
What's it doing there?
Being gunlike, gunesque, gunonic.
Where did it come from?